A statement of an employee's biweekly earnings is given below.EarningsDeductionsWeek Ended Regular FED. SOC. MED STATEWITH. WITH. CARE. WITH.NET PAY9/10$_____ $98.00 $52.88 $12.37 $22.54$667.17What is the employee's gross pay?a.$818.05b.$830.42c.$840.59d.$852.96

Accepted Solution

Answer:d.   $852.96Step-by-step explanation:The net pay is $667.17.  This is the pay after all deductions are taken out.To find the gross pay, or pay before deductions, we add back all of the deduction:667.17+98+52.88+12.37+22.54 = 765.17+52.88+12.37+22.54 = 818.05+12.37+22.54 = 830.42+22.54 = 852.96