Which graph represents a phase shift of Ο€/2 units left for the graph of y = sinx ?

Accepted Solution

[tex]\bf ~~~~~~~~~~~~\textit{function transformations} \\\\\\ % function transformations for trigonometric functions % templates f(x)=Asin(Bx+C)+D \\\\ f(x)=Acos(Bx+C)+D\\\\ f(x)=Atan(Bx+C)+D \\\\ -------------------[/tex]

[tex]\bf \bullet \textit{ stretches or shrinks}\\ ~~~~~~\textit{horizontally by amplitude } |A|\\\\ \bullet \textit{ flips it upside-down if }A\textit{ is negative}\\ ~~~~~~\textit{reflection over the x-axis} \\\\ \bullet \textit{ flips it sideways if }B\textit{ is negative}\\ ~~~~~~\textit{reflection over the y-axis}[/tex]

[tex]\bf \bullet \textit{ horizontal shift by }\frac{C}{B}\\ ~~~~~~if\ \frac{C}{B}\textit{ is negative, to the right}\\\\ ~~~~~~if\ \frac{C}{B}\textit{ is positive, to the left}\\\\ \bullet \textit{vertical shift by }D\\ ~~~~~~if\ D\textit{ is negative, downwards}\\\\ ~~~~~~if\ D\textit{ is positive, upwards}\\\\ \bullet \textit{function period or frequency}\\ ~~~~~~\frac{2\pi }{B}\ for\ cos(\theta),\ sin(\theta),\ sec(\theta),\ csc(\theta)\\\\ ~~~~~~\frac{\pi }{B}\ for\ tan(\theta),\ cot(\theta)[/tex]

with that template in mind, check the picture below, where B = 1, and C =Β Ο€/2